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The James H. W. Thompson Foundation announces that financial grants for the year 2008 are being offered to Thai nationals who wish to undertake research in the field of Thai textiles. The grants are being offered to promote sociological, anthropological or art historical scholarship concerning the role, function, history, symbolism, or design of traditional textiles and the techniques for their creation. The research will focus on textiles made by traditional Tai groups or minority groups who live in Thailand.

This grant is open to university level students, academics or independent researchers who are Thai nationals. To apply the applicant must complete The James H. W. Thompson Foundation Thai Textile Scholar Application Form which includes a description of the proposed area of scholarship or research. The application must include a detailed budget of how the grant will be used. The deadline for grant application submission will be July 15, 2008. Grant applications can be downloaded from the website www.jimthompsonhouse.com or will be sent by mail or fax upon request.

To obtain an application for please send your request to the Grant Committee, The James H. W. Thompson Foundation, 6, Soi Kasem San 2, Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330 or fax 02-612-3744 or e-mail jane@jimthompson.com.

The applications will be reviewed by a Grant Committee appointed by The James H. W. Thompson Foundation and three grant winners will be announced on August 31, 2008. The Grant Committee will award grants from baht 50,000 to baht 150,000 depending on the nature of the research and the qualifications of the applicant. All grants will be used solely for research of Thai textiles and recipients will be expected to complete the grant project within 12 to 18 months.

The recipient of the grant will agree to provide The James H. W. Thompson Foundation with a minimum of 5,000 word typed research paper in Thai or English with photographs, maps, charts or other illustrations reporting on the results of the research. In certain cases with the consent of The James H. W. Thompson Foundation a CD documentary movie will be accepted as part of the report. All research papers/CD’s will become the property of The James H. W. Thompson Foundation and will be available for public viewing at the William Warren Library. Grant recipients will also be required to provide a one-page financial accounting statement of how the funds were used. Any recipient who does not fully meet the conditions of the grant by providing the report will be required to refund the entire grant to The James H. W. Thompson Foundation.

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