Linda McIntosh

Curator Linda McIntosh has formally researched Southeast Asian textiles, specializing in Thai and Lao fabrics, for over ten years. She grew up listening to the repetitious beats of her Lao mother’s loom and first learned how to weave from her mother at the age of six. Linda researched textiles of the various Tai groups of Thailand for her Master’s degree in Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin, and is currently finishing her doctorate on Phuthai textiles from Simon Fraser University, Canada. Field research has led her to collect data not only in Thailand and Laos but also in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Her endeavors have assisted in the opening of a private ethnology museum in Luang Prabang, Laos, and she has consulted on several development projects in her mother’s country. Her last exhibition at the Jim Thompson Art Center, “Status, Myth and the Supernatural: Ritual Tai Textiles,” was held in 2005. She hopes to support the tradition of hand-woven textiles through her works and continues to consult on developing projects in Laos.