1959 -- The Pinnacle of Silk Success

Thompson officially moved into the Jim Thompson Thai house on April 3, 1959. This historic move was in many ways symbolic of his success. It heralded the most active and most successful period of his life in Thailand.

By this time, Thai silk had won international acclaim. It was world-famous.

  • In the motion picture epic, Ben Hur, the producers used Thai silk for all the principal costumes.

  • In the movie, Kind Sir, paintings elegantly mounted in silk had such an air of elegance about them, it immediately caught the attention of movie-goers.
  • In London, Savoy Hotel suites sported a silky finish.
  • Silk was also used to refurbish the Canaletto Room in Windsor Castle.
  • Heiress Barbara Hutton used silk throughout her residence in Mexico, and in all her other homes.
  • Reynolds Metal Company in America decorated its executive offices in silk interwoven with aluminium thread.
  • The Hong Kong Hilton used Thai silk in its ballroom and its suites.