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Thai Silk Hits Broadway
Thai silk soon made its way to the theatrical world.

Silk made its first appearance on Broadway in Mike Todd's Peepshow. Todd had learnt that His Majesty the King of Thailand was an accomplished jazz composer and saxophonist.

In Todd's show one of His Majesty's jazz compositions was featured. Costumes made in blue-and-green plaid Thai silk were chosen to complement the theme.

The costume designer Irene Sharaff was also instrumental to the success of silk internationally. She used the fabric for Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical comedy, "The King and I", a dramatic interpretation of Anna and the King of Siam, by Margaret Landon, who in turn drew inspiration from the original Victorian memoir of Anna Leonowens entitled The English Governess at the Court of Siam recounting her experience teaching the future King Chulalongkorn as a child.
Silks woven by Jim Thompson's company were used in the film version of the musical, "The King and I".
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