The Measure of Silk Success
Throughout his endeavor, Thompson stood by one guiding principle. Whatever he was to accomplish in Thailand must benefit the people of Thailand. He chose to involve the local Thais and insisted that most, if not all, of the profits generated by the business -- the result of their own skills -- had to be returned to the people.

In Thompson's view, the real measure of the success of the Thai silk industry was not in the profits generated by the Thai Silk Company he established but by the number of rival companies

In 1962, in recognition of his contribution to Thailand, the Royal Thai government awarded Thompson The Order of the White Elephant.

By the time of his disappearance in 1967, there were over one hundred companies competing for a share of the Thai silk business. Today, the Thai silk industry provides employment for approximately 20,000 weaving families.

Today, the Thai Silk industry provides employment for over 20,000 weaving families in the farming communities of Thailand.